It doesn't take a lot to change the world.

We’re doing our part, one smile at a time.

It all started in 2020.

We wanted to do something to help children who were in the hospital.
But what could we do?
What would it take?
How would we pull it all together?

We had no idea.

What we did have is lots of experience.

We know marketing… and advertising… and people. And we knew we wanted to make a difference. Working together, we created a charity based on the simple idea that we could give kids a reason to smile.

Lots of reasons to smile!

What's in a name?

In our case, it’s everything. While talking about 5 For Smiles while drinking our $7 coffees, we quickly realized that asking for $5 a month would be incredibly simple to do and remarkably painless for donors.

That’s less than 17 cents a day.

Every penny makes an impact.

And you would be amazed by just how much we can do with each donation. Just about every penny you donate goes directly to helping children. No one involved with 5 For Smiles takes a penny.

This website and hosting? All donated.

Marketing? Donated.

Printing? Donated.

Our golf outing? Donated.

Give us $5 and we’ll make sure kids get a few great reasons to smile. It’s what we do.

Every time you make a donation, you help make a difference.

Our Team